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I Was Against the War Before I Was For It…

20 Mar


 Is America going to recede into a wound-licking isolationist posture every 30 years or so?  Nostalgaic for the sort of anti-war oppostion many of today's proud Leftists never had a chance to mount, the American Left (nevermind the International Left, especially the New Left Review and ZMag variety) is eager to draw striking parallels between Iraq and Vietnam.  Furthermore, any active (re: interventionist) foreign policy is rejected out-of-hand because outside intervention, for many on the Left, is inherently wrong.  Outsiders are incapable of understanding a foreign country, its people, politics and culture. Continue reading

Iraq: Are We Screwed Yet?

3 Mar

Sectarian violence has been on the rise in Iraq in the past weeks, so much so that many people are wondering if the U.S. isn’t so much occupying and rebuilding a country as it is reserving front row seats for a civil war.  The big surprise, however, is that some notable conservatives are wondering the same thing.  William F. Buckley Jr. states, flat out, “It Didn’t Work” over at The National Review; George Will echoes his sentiment at the New York Post, warning that we’re “Glimpsing the Abyss”. Continue reading