It’s National Poetry Month and Richard Howard Doesn’t Care

10 Apr

You’ve ignored poetry from January through March, so why not a PR campagin reminding you that:

  1. You don’t own a book of poetry. 
  2. Not only did you not understand T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” when you were in high school, but you have no earthly idea who T.S. Eliot is.
  3. April is also Alcohol Awareness Month, and you’re too busy ducking your AA sponsor (or getting drunk) to read any poetry. 

Richard Howard thinks poetry should be a private affair (via an interview he gave to Poets&Writers last year), so, for him, April really is the cruelest month. 

The Academy of American Poets—who runs National Poetry Month—has information about events, readings, and other activities you won’t be attending on their website, where you can sign up to recieve a Poem-a-Day. Check it out for the unfortunate but hilarious pictoral association of poetry reading with taking medicine, or perhaps birth control.


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