Your Grandfather Knows Nothing About Cars. Your Sister On the Other Hand…

11 Apr

Element assembly.jpgForeign Policy’s new blog, Passport, has a great post about the status of the American auto industry.  U.S. car manufacturing is as stong as ever—if you replace names like GM and Ford with Toyota and Honda. Both of these companies, incidentally, continue to build plants in places like Lincoln, Alabama.

FP editor Travis Daub’s advice to US automakers:

So how should the U.S. auto industry recover? 

  1. Swallow your pride. Stop resenting the Japanese and start learning from them. (after 30 years)
  2. Stop crying over the high cost of healthcare. Start smaller spinoff companies that can be younger and more agile. (like Saturn)
  3. Stop building the car your dad wanted to drive. Start building the car your daughter wants to drive.

Besides, didn’t your grandfather once buy a Corvair?


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