The Other Red and Blue States

25 Apr


If you're politically moderate (re:feckless), achingly bi-partisan (or running for re-election in a swing state), you'll often lament the limitation of the red state/blue state divide, or trot out the old chestnut about how American politics is so much more than Left vs. Right.   But let's be honest: something is up with the South, and its more than just their propensity to vote Republican.  Its the scourge of the Baptists!

You can see the breakdown for other major religions here, noting that, although the United States is more Protestant than Catholic, its the Catholics that are the majoritan faith (by percentage of denominations, not total number of adherents) in the rest of the country, including those pesky, liberal ,"blue" states.

So what conclusions can we draw from this demographic breakdown? A simple syllogism:

  1. The South is ruining America.
  2. The South is full of Baptists.
  3. Baptists are bad for America.

Perhaps the Catholic Church could help rescue the rest of us from their theo-con, Republican buddies (actually, the Church is doing good things on immigration), instead of just providing the intellectual underpinning of a conservative judicial philosophy that the Evangelicals lack.


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