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Minimalism: Not Just for the Avant-Garde

25 May

Chicago University law professor Cass Sunstein discusses Chief Justice Robert's concept of "minimalism" for the court (the court should try to decide cases on the narrowest possible grounds with the largest consenus possible) which Roberts expounded upon during a recent Georgetown University Law Center graduation speech.  For a somewhat expanded analysis of the topic, read his op-ed in today's LA Times.

And while we're at it, you should also check out Prof. Sunstein's review of Ronald Dworkin's Justice in Robes from the current issue of The New Republic.

The Economics of Immigration

23 May

Where would you be and how might you respond to the incentive of higher wages if, say, you lived in a poor country right next to an economic powerhouse, making for the highest income disparity of any two contigiuous countries in the world? You would live in Mexico, and you would probably be trying to make it across the border, especially if you were poor.  Continue reading