The Economics of Immigration

23 May

Where would you be and how might you respond to the incentive of higher wages if, say, you lived in a poor country right next to an economic powerhouse, making for the highest income disparity of any two contigiuous countries in the world? You would live in Mexico, and you would probably be trying to make it across the border, especially if you were poor. 

Larry Kudlow, of CNBC's Kudlow and Company fame, understands that immigration is good economic policy, asking "What's All the Fuss About?" over at National Review.  If you're looking for scholarly muscle to back up Kudlow's free-market cheerleading, look no further than Alex Tabarrok's open letter on immigration (signed by economists on the left and right) at Marginal Revolution.  Marginal Revolution is a also a great resource for links to papers and economic analyses on immigration, like this one referenceing a David Card paper that shows the presence of many immigrants does not significantly depress wages. (Yes, I am shamelessly plugging the Economics Department of George Mason, the university that happens to be my new academic home. Go Patriots.)


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