Poem of the Week

28 Sep

Courtesy of Ed and Wade for the Poetry on Demand booth at George Mason’s Fall for the Book Festival, a poem about that special someone we’re all looking for, proabably on the high seas:

Shiver Me Timbers: A Pirate’s Life for Me


O’ buccaneer I’ve yet to meet

though now you ply the ocean blue

there is no treasure trove as sweet

as a hearty “a’hoy” from you.

I sit and wait to share your plunder

and caress the parrot on your shoulder.

Our outlaw love shan’t be torn asunder

in your midwestern cove we’ll grow older.

You’ll sing shanties on your guitar

while I budget out gold doubloons.

I’ll sigh and shiver at your “YAARRR”

as on stormed tossed seas we spoon.


Captain or First Mate, no matter what your rank,

as long as we are one, we’ll never walk the plank.


One Response to “Poem of the Week”

  1. artpredator September 30, 2008 at 9:40 pm #

    you’re more likely to run into a “Scary Smelly Skeleton Pirate” hanging out at art predator and youtube…

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