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Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

9 Oct

Unlike the eternally optimistic Tom Friedman, Fareed Zakaria is ready to call the Iraq War a failure.  After waiting a reasonable period for some the Bush adminstration’s better tactical and strategic adjustments to be enacted and take effect, and for the Iraq government to muster the will to find a political solution, he sees no hope of a military solution (or a military aided solution).  Andrew Sullivan isn’t ready to call it quits in Iraq yet, but his appraisal of Fareed’s article pretty much says it all.  As the man says, money quote:

But if Fareed is giving in, you know it’s beyond serious.

Perhaps this may be the beginning of an intellectual tipping point for the reasonable political commentariat who supported the war and still hold out hope that a mismanaged war can be turned around.

 UPDATE: Matt Yglesias thinks Andrew Sullivan is living in a fantasy world where the Bush administration would actually make the sort of changes that Sullivan would like to see in our Iraq strategy.