More Pressure to Renew My New Yorker Subscription

14 Aug

Not only has Ryan Lizza left The New Republic for the New Yorker, but now James Woods has decamped for the magazine.  I don’t have a strong opinion on Woods’s “hysterical realism” thesis (I haven’t read any DeLillo or Pynchon, and don’t read enough contemporary fiction), but I’ve always enjoyed the general tenor of his pieces and the literary section of TNR.

I not sure, however, if this Leon Wieseltier quote is meant to be playfully sarcastic or a public gripe about losing talent:

“The New Republic plays many significant roles in American culture, and one of them is to find and to develop writers with whom The New Yorker can eventually staff itself.”

Can’t someone get Marty Peretz (or whomever at CanWest) to pony up some more cash instead of just making someone Chief-Senior-Executive-Editor?

(HT: Moreover)


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