Playboy and Vogue: Not About the Articles

3 Sep

I quoted this fact from Marginal Revolution to my girlfriend:

Of Vogue’s 840 pages, 727 are ads, or: 13 percent is editorial.

To which she responded, “Yeah, I know.”

The same issue of Vogue was sitting on the coffee table in front of us. She picked it up and began flipping through it, pointing at different ads, saying things like “Oh, that’s nice, I’d buy that,” or “Wouldn’t wear that.” Several pages later she dryly stated , “Oh look, here’s an article. And there’s some of one over here too,” which was hilarious. The magazine is mostly a catalog broken up by pictures that look like they’re part of a catalog–and some prose. Also, it doubles as a doorstop.

As as side note, I’ll actually agree that having a bunch of ads in an issue about fall fashion is complementary because people who buy the magazines will want to see what the designers are putting out for the fall lines. They may even want to buy some of it. But that’s a lot of ads to get with your magazine.


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