Reading the Signs

4 Oct

I’m not sure that what this means (if it means anything), but Dennis Ross is working as an adviser for the Obama campaign while his former Clinton administration colleague, Martin Indyk, has signed on with the Clinton camp. Although I believe there’s a good chance that’ll end up working together in a Democratic administration anyway, I think Ross is a good policy sign for Obama, and might suggest that some experts see a bigger role for themselves or their policies in a Obama administration.

Of course, if you’re an adherent of the Walt-Mearsheimer thesis, you’ll see this a continuation of Israel lobby influence throughout politics, as in this London Review of Books debate where John Mearsheimer tells Ross and Indyk that they are “at the core of the lobby.” But hey, if members of the lobby weren’t part of the presidential candidates’ policy teams, what would policy wonks and the blogosphere have to talk about¹?

¹ Probably regular things.


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