Outsourcing My Pre-Debate Political Analysis

30 Oct

Garance Franke-Ruta has an excellent summary of the political opening Obama has given to his opponents:

This is what happens when campaigns are trying too hard to win news of the day stand-offs, and not enough about directing things long-term. There was never an opening for Obama on this issue. The campaign had started to go after her on Iran, and it should have just stuck with that. Instead, Obama has created an opening for others to now go after him.

Obama needs to make significant moves (e.g. a bold policy pronouncement to put some daylight between himself and the other Democratic candidates), and quickly if he doesn’t want to cede the remaining politcial ground to Hillary Clinton. Perhaps his campaign should think about hiring Garance Franke-Ruta as a communications or media consultant instead of outsourcing¹ their message strategy to opinion columns…

¹ My outsourcing is good because I get expertise for free. Obama’s is bad because paid experts are taking bad advise from unpaid experts.


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