McCain’s Message Stepped On By Reality, Oil Magnates

23 Jul

It’s been a rough time for John McCain’s foreign policy message, what with Nouri al-Maliki endorsing a timetable for withdrawal along the same lines Barack Obama has proposed. But it’s also got to be a bit galling for McCain’s staff to find that their “Drill now to save you gas money–sometime!” message has likewise been deflated by wealthy oil man T. Boone Pickens’s ad which states outright “This is one emergency we can’t drill our way out of.”  It also doesn’t help to put together bizarre attack ads like this one that blames Obama for higher gas prices:

As I said, it’s gotta sting a little when your message is “Some in Washington are saying no to drilling and independence from foreign oil” and it turns out those “some” include an oil executive from Texas:

This isn’t to say that either Maliki’s comments or Pickens’s ad has convinced the American people to sign on to Obama’s policies and vote for him, but they do seem to significantly blunt any impact McCain’s criticsms might have had.


One Response to “McCain’s Message Stepped On By Reality, Oil Magnates”

  1. peace coup July 25, 2008 at 3:35 pm #

    The Pickens ad was a nice sum of money spent on a positive message about energy.

    His goal is to make the U.S. less dependent on foreign sources fo energy.

    He considers the environmental benefits of energy independence a “second page issue” compared to the security goals of producing our own energy.

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