Things You Should Be Reading

6 Aug

Why does no one tell me about these things?  Okay, so Mike Scalise already told everyone, but I can only read so many blogs at once.  In between your blog reading, check out Casey Wiley’s short story “Sometime You Have to Cram Your Face Between the Bed and the Wall” at Pindeldyboz.

You also need to pick up a copy of the Spring 2008* of Third Coast and read Robb St. Lawerence’s “Because I Don’t Mean This to Be Allegory.”  And while you’re reading that fine publication, give a look to Christopher Bakken’s “Kouros.”  I hereby pledge to do a better job of keeping up with publications of people I know, or at least linking to Mike more.

*I know it’s summer. Like I said, no one tells me these things.


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