The Internet Completes My Syllabus (And Yet Confounds Me…)

1 Sep

My Composition students last year didn’t enjoy the reader I selected; to be honest, I made some mistakes assigning certain readings (note to Comp 101 instructors: think twice about assigning Machiavelli for the second class).  And so for much of the summer I was a man in search of a reader.  But then, mirabile dictu, I found this book thanks to Jacob Levy (who is also a co-editor of the volume).  Reading blogs pays off!  We can read Amartya Sen and Hannah Arendt, F.A. Hayek and Martha Nussbaum! Only some of these people are dead!

Then I find out (courtesy of Amazon) that it wouldn’t be published until the very end of August–except, no, the publisher says not until the end of Semptember.  No, the department informs me, it will be published in early September and will ship by the middle of the month.  I am excited and yet confused…


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