Secessionists for a Stronger America

2 Sep

Jack Balkin is waiting for the in-depth investigation of Palin’s possible support for Alaskan independence:

It’s entirely possible that at one point Sarah Palin thought well enough of the cause of Alaskan independence that she was willing to join the AIP. Then, later when she decided she wanted to run for public office, she resolved to become a hyper-loyal American, one who puts America first. (Naturally, she chose to become a member of the Republican Party, which, as well all know, loves America more.)

Still, it seems to me that if Barack Obama had once flirted with a secessionist party of any sort, much less one that based its arguments for independence on the United Nations Charter and international law, it would be fairly certain evidence that he was not really an American at all, but some sort of radical fifth columnist.

I await the Fox News expose asking the burning question on everyone’s mind: Why did Sarah Palin hate America? And does she hate it still secretly in her heart of hearts?

I await attempts to spin this as support for federalism and states’ rights* instead of an interest held for state-level political consumption.  As they say: “All secessions are local.”

*Update: Forget spin. I should note that the Alaska Independence Party doesn’t like the term “secession.” I think this reinforces the “maverick” narrative.  For instance, the word “independence” is right in the name of the party.

Second update: Edited to make clear Palin wasn’t a member of the AIP party.


One Response to “Secessionists for a Stronger America”

  1. Mujtaba September 2, 2008 at 12:13 pm #

    Once i saw a funny political cartoon in which Obama is saying about when i get the presedentship i will surely do something about whitehouse..

    Tag: Funny pictures

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