More Young Blogger Media Domination or “Folksy vs. Sexist”

10 Sep

These young bloggers and their expanding media empires. If it isn’t Young Zeitlin and his Pushback gig or Ned editing NYU Local, it’s Jamelle guest blogging at Feministe (among, I think, nine others) and Dylan Matthews holding the keys to Ezra Klein’s place while he’s gone. 

 Dylan sees current “lipstick remark” flap as a failure of some in the media:

In a country with a responsible news media, the presidential frontrunner beginning a speech by excoriating American journalism as an institution would prompt deep reflection on the problems in news coverage by every newspaper in the country. Every op-ed columnist and editorial page would endorse more substantive coverage, and newsrooms would switch gears and start reporting Obama and McCain’s records and policy proposals on everything from nuclear terrorism to urban policy. This kind of crap would be relegated to paragraph-length articles, if retained at all. When Sarah Palin claimed she opposed the Bridge to Nowhere, the AP headline would be “Palin Repeats Lie about Infamous Bridge” […]
[…]So I send my best to Brock and Podesta. The ideal situation is one of a roughly bipolar system with conservative and liberal outrage machines of equal potency, and liberals have a long way to go in closing the hack gap. But building up that infrastructure is going to take a whole lot longer than the two months left before the election.

I think this last point is sadly true, despite my centrist symapthies.  The more partisan the news outlet (or the more that hackish voices in the media multiply) the more noise that has to be filltered by the average citizen reading their newspaper, clicking through the internet, or watching cable news.  It won’t help for liberals and progressives to decry the conservative echo chamber and it’s reverberations in the MSM as unfair and distortionary.  They’ll have to provide some noise of their own.  Is this good for debate?  Much of it isn’t, and the left is likely to make the same hackish claims and advance the same kinds of lame talking points as the right, but the alternative is a discourse dominated by one side.

Jamelle over at Feministe has similar thoughts:

As many others have pointed out however, none of this would be possible without a complicit media. The media, instead of calling out lies and presenting the truth, has been content to treat this election like a game: McCain’s/Palin’s distortions and lies are just part of the “horserace.” 

Why oh why (etc.)…?


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