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I Believe in Dylan Matthews

15 Sep

You’ve got to support a guy who is fake-running to be a UC representative at Harvard and references Thomas Carlyle as part of his biography:

In fact, if Thomas Carlyle were to have met Dylan, he would have hanged himself in despair at the impossibility of achieving such greatness. And Thomas Carlyle was a total baller.

Walt Whitman would agree, and Whitman was the OG of American poetry in addition to being a super-pimp¹, so he would know.

¹When you think about it, a good 50% of Leaves of Grass says as much.

That Was Fast

6 Aug

From a comment by Obama that Republicans “Take pride in being ignorant”, to a post on TNR’s The Plank, to a website, courtesy of one of TNR’s regular commenters.  That’s pretty quick, even by internet standards.

Does That Make Libertarians Chaotic Neutral?

10 Jun

Tybalt christens this response to Alberta Law School post about a speaking engagement at a Canadian Libertarian Party conference the comment of the year:

Bring your twenty-sided dice!

I’d find this a funny non sequitur if it weren’t for this aside in a recent post by George Mason’s Bryan Caplan:

One of Milton Friedman’s most famous lines: “You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state.” He said it in a 1999 ISIL interview, and I’ve heard it quoted dozens of times. It even inspired me to write a Champions scenario, “The Law of Unintended Consequences.” (Want to play it? Email me for an invitation to Capla-Con, July 12&13!)

I hadn’t realized there was some sort of connection between libertarianism and role playing games (I had realized, however, that there is a strong correlation between blogging, comic books, wonkishness, and role playing games, insofar as I am representative of this trend).

And while I’m on the subject of D&D geekery, I might as well point out an interesting post by Tim Burke about the new 4th Edition D&D which was supposed to have integrated a new set of online tools, but has yet to actually make those tools available (and likely won’t for some time).

Also, this comment by Tybalt himself is pretty good:

I only find it believable because right now I find myself about 5 minutes of bullshit away from a half-hour rant about “whitey” myself… and I’m white.

Sentence of the Day That Makes Complete Sense in Context, But Makes Me Uncomfortable Out of Context

16 Apr

From Megan McArdle:

But I don’t think of cooking as some sort of spiritual extension of my womb.

Well–ahem–no, of course not. It’s just…huh. (cough). Um. Yeah.

Hamlet: A Gay Fantasia on Danish Themes

7 Apr

Via Chris Blattman (whose econ development blog you should be reading) comes this picture from Stockholm:

For a second I thought it was Carson from \

Then again, I do have Angels in America on the brain as I’m preparing to teach it starting this week (and over the next several weeks) in my English 201 course. Yes, his father was murdered by his uncle and now has the throne, but it’s just such a wonderful day to go yatching.

Best Two Sentences I Read Today

5 Mar

From Ways to End the World:

Chaos theory was actually discovered when the crude computer models of weather created a couple decades ago mysteriously failed to perfectly predict the weather. People were sitting around saying, “But, dude, my PC Junior has like two megs of ram and a dot matrix printer! How in the fuck can it possibly not know exactly what temperature it’s going to be in each individual region of the US for the next five months?”

How Bad is the Situation? It’s “Scenarious.”

26 Feb

I’ve noticed two random mistakes in online advertising recently. The first is for Cass Sunstein’s new book (the corrected version is on the right):

adimagephp.jpg adimagephp2.jpg

The other one is for The New Republic–the reflected image is a different issue:

I’m available to proofread if anyone’s hiring…